About US

JSF, a Rajasthan Patrika Initiative was first held in the year 2012. The platform was created to facilitate the unified efforts of all the Business Associations, Vyapar Mandals, Corporate Houses and the Citizens of Jaipur. The festival altered the definition of celebrations and took the level of festivities to a new height. The grand success of the event has made JSF an annual event helping it to spread its wings to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh this year.

The 5th edition of the phenomenal shopping festival JSF is all set to take the centre stage. Along with unbeatable deals, lucky draws and prizes, JSF Shopping festival will be overloaded with celebrity performances thus assuring this Diwali to be full of surprises for everyone.

Upcoming Events

  • JSF App Launch Party-Jaipur

  • Jayanti Market Royal Shopping Carnival-Jaipur

  • Cricket Match-Jaipur

  • Polo-Jaipur

  • Hasya Kavi Samellan-Jaipur

  • Hasya Kavi Samellan-Raipur

  • Kavi Samellan-Jabalpur

  • Hasya Kavi Samellan-Bhopal

  • Kavi Samellan-Udaipur

  • Hasya Kavi Samellan-Indore

  • Hasya Kavi Samellan-Gwalior

  • Hasya Kavi Samellan-Pali

  • Hasya Kavi Samellan-Alwar

  • Kavi Samellan-Bhilwara

  • Kavi Samellan-Jodhpur

  • Kavi Samellan-Kota

  • Musical Night-Jaipur

  • Musical Night-Jodhpur

  • Hari Haran Gazal Night-Jaipur